rug care, hanging, etc.

rug care

each rug is handmade and requires specific care to keep them looking their best! rugs may be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner. spot clean with mild soap and water. do not machine wash, bleach, or iron. rugs may 'shed' fibers at first but don't worry! it will decrease over time. loose fibers can be trimmed with scissors.

rugs are recommended to hang on the wall or place in a low traffic area to ensure longevity. avoid excessive foot traffic and shoes. not recommended for bathmat use. as with any rug, they may accumulate dirt over time. for a deeper clean, use a Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner (or a similar product) to remove stains and brighten colors. 

shipping & returns

all sales are final. as a small business, I cannot guarantee returns and refunds, sorry!
if item is damaged upon receipt, please send photos of the item immediately. exchanges may be considered on a case-by-case basis.
for custom orders, sales are final.
international shipping is available! delivery may take up to 20 days for international orders.

local drop off

if you live in Louisville, Kentucky, rugs may be dropped off instead of shipped. I will drop off your rug within 1-5 days after checkout. if any issues arise I will contact you via email or text and we can arrange pickup/dropoff options!

hanging instructions

all of my wall rugs come with a loop on the back so they can easy be hung via a nail, push pin, etc. other rugs that don't come with loops, such as coasters, can be hung using strong velcro command strips.

to hang heavier floor rugs, you can use spring clamps. this is a secure, non-permanent, non-damaging method of hanging rugs on your wall. clamps can be found at your local hardware store and are very affordable. decorative clamps can be found online (mine are from etsy). for heavier rugs, locate wall studs or use drywall anchors. for alternate options, search how to hang quilts.


all designs are protected under copyright law. it is not cool to steal artwork and designs from anyone. please don't do it!